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The most effective, very best exemplory case of dad-child relationship have the historical past from Islam

· Little to no emotional communication. “Pass the newest salt” will not qualify as the real communication. You will need to participate in your daughter’s lifestyle, if this is because of college and loved ones or just how she is impression towards any given time. Strengthening this bond will create a feeling of protection and you may trust, along with your girl will be able to check out you to own let occasionally away from psychological damage and argument.

· Not declaring pride in their girl. Ladies crave its dad’s supplement and you may recognition everything people perform. Nothing is adventure a girl more comprehending that her father sees his personal a beneficial qualities in her, that he is extremely and you may really happy with the lady along with her success.

Keeps around actually ever come a dad so much more faithful, a girl a whole lot more adoring, than just our very own precious Messenger (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and you can Sayyidah Faatimah az-Zahraa’ (radhiAllahu anha)?

More youthful Faatimah, hardly ten years old, wiping filth from the girl dad’s as well as furiously berating the new leaders of Quraysh for their actions.

Faatimah, just who regularly cry on attention away from dust that has been tossed up on the woman dad’s direct, and you will could be comforted towards terms “Do not cry, my personal daughter, for Allah will include your own dad!”

Faatimah, the new apple away from the lady father’s attention, out of exactly who he said: “Anybody who delighted Fatimah keeps in reality pleased Jesus and you may those who have triggered the woman to be aggravated have indeed angered Jesus. Fatimah is part of myself. Any type of pleases this lady pleases me personally and you will any kind of angers the lady angers myself.” (Narrated because of the al-Bukhaari, 3437; Muslim, 4483)

Lorelai and Richard Gilmore had probably one of the most harmful matchmaking during the Gilmore Women however it are a great deal more loving than Lorelai’s bond which have Emily

Commendable Faatimah, one of the five most useful ladies in the world: “A knowledgeable feamales in every business are five: the latest Virgin Mary, Aasiyaa new spouse away from Pharoah, Khadijah Mother of your own Believers, and Fatimah, dmad.”

Faatimah, out-of exactly who A’isha (radhiAllahu anha) mentioned, “We have perhaps not seen any one of God’s creation be like new Messenger from Goodness even more when you look at the speech, discussion and you can technique of seated than just Fatimah, could possibly get God be happy with the lady. In the event the Prophet spotted the lady dealing with, however greeting the lady, stand up and hug the woman, take the girl of the hand and you may sit this lady off regarding the place where he had been seated.”

Richard and you may Lorelai Gilmore had just about the most state-of-the-art dating when you look at the Gilmore Females

The complete Muslim Ummah provides gained directly from this type of father-child dating. How many instructions were produced from new Seerah, away from incidents when it comes to that it dad in order to it child?! How much cash studies, simply how much knowledge, is transmitted regarding father so you’re able to girl, and out of you to child in order to her very own sons, al-Hassan and you may al-Hussein (radhiAllahu anhum)?! Yaa subhanAllah! How can we actually ever belittle, neglect, your investment importance of such as for instance a thread?

O Muslim dads, do you actually follow regarding the footsteps of your Live messenger away from Allah (sallallaahu ‘alayi wa sallam)? Can you carry out what you could to simply help your own daughter be the Faatimah az-Zahraa’ nowadays?

Once the dad and you will daughter, it a couple of was basically similar inside their love for organization but more in the way it lived life. Richard is a person out of wide range and you will stamina and you may needed value in almost any space he strolled inside; Lorelai try a great deal more wade-with-the-circulate and easy-heading.

Regarding show, Lorelai and Richard’s relationship got its ups and downs. Their bond which have Rory are much stronger than simply his thread with his very own girl. Fans rooted to own a loving, steady dating towards the a few, but Emily and Lorelai’s poisoning made one to difficult to do as the Richard normally endured because of the their partner.